My ten pledges

My pledges to you as your Police and Crime Commissioner are as follows…


1. I will strive to ensure Hampshire Constabulary is amongst the best police forces in the country, delivering a more robust and more intelligent approach to fighting crime and protecting victims and witnesses.

2. I will push to prevent crime, empowering the Police and their partners to solve the problems that damage our communities before they require intervention from the Police.

3. I will work to make sure that victims are at the heart of the criminal justice system and work with partners to continue improvements that further support victims.


4. I will provide a professional, executive and expert service to deliver an effective Police and Crime Plan and supporting budget.

5. I will hold a political position without politicising the Police – never compromising my mission to make you, your family and your community safer.

6. I will hold the Chief Constable to account always ensuring our policing service meets the standards we expect.

7. I will operate with openness and transparency, expect Hampshire Constabulary to do likewise and encourage our partners to do the same.


8. I will stand up and speak out for all communities, listening to, responding to, and acting upon your views, carrying out meaningful consultation with the public to inform our business

9. I will ensure that the Chief Constable provides a policing service that is visible and accessible, including through neighbourhood policing, and which creates further public confidence

10. I will improve awareness and understanding of the role of Police and Crime Commissioner and of policing demand, to enable greater public involvement.