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The disclosure log provides details of all Freedom of Information requests received under FOI by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner since 2015.  Use one or more of the drop-down selections to find the FOI response you are looking for.

Date Received Reference Number Information Requested Response Type Response Provided Additional Documents
18/04/2024 HA05650 Spend on Office supplies and associated products for the below financial years. 1st April 2022 – 31st March 2023 1st April 2023 – 31st March 2024 Start date & duration of Contract? Is there an extension clause in the contract and, if so, the duration of the extension? Has a decision been made yet on whether the contract is to be either extended or renewed? Who is the senior officer (outside of procurement) responsible for the contract? Name of Incumbent Supplier? How long have you traded with them? If you publish your register of contracts and purchasing, can you please provide a website link. In addition, can you confirm if you have a contract in place for Tail End Spend. Information held Information supplied where held. Response
16/04/2024 HA05641 PETERSFIELD ANNUAL TOWN MEETING FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUEST At the above meeting Cllr. Chrissy stated that he had taken legal advice about admitting yourself as a speaker. I have been informed by Petersfield Town Clerk that this advice came from your office. Can you confirm whether this was the case. A simple “yes” or “no” will suffice. Information held Information supplied Response
11/04/2024 HA05568 1. What is the length of lease assigned to the above premises? 2. What is the current rental per annum? 3. Is there an ‘opt out clause’ if so at what time periods can this be exercised. 4. What is the overall square meterage of the office? 5. How many rooms are within? 6. What have been the total charges for utilities including community charge and associated sundries since you took over this building. (security, cleaning and maintenance) 7. Can you supply us with a copy of the current Energy Efficiency certificate? 8. What is the present Council tax liability for the property? 9. Are the premises disability friendly? 10. What is the total staff headcount and can an organisation chart be supplied? 11. What is the overall staffing wage bill - and how many / who has salaries over £58,200? 12. 650 police have been recruited since 2021 in Hants Police - but how many are EXTRA police rather than filling positions vacated by retirees or those who have left the force. What is the net police headcount increase in numbers of officers over the three years? 13. How much annually does the move to Fareham save the P &CC budget as compared to the Winchester office? Information held with exemption Information supplied with exemption. Response
10/04/2024 HA05604 This formally requests a copy of all correspondence between the OPCC and Petersfield Town Council (both officers and councillors) about the arrangements for the Petersfield Town Council Annual Town Meeting held on April 10 2024. Information held Information supplied Response
28/03/2024 HA05594 Please let me know how much it costs to run the Police and Crime Commissioner's office together with a list of the number of people employed in the office along with their job functions. Information held Information available on the OPCC Website. Response
28/03/2024 HA05505 1. Please confirm if the VRU has a detailed Theory of Change or Logic Model which underpins the Violence Reduction Programme. If yes, please provide: a. A copy of the Theory of Change and/or Detailed Logic Model or a link to where the Theory of Change is published. b. The date the Theory of Change was formally adopted by the VRU to underpin its Violence Reduction Programme. c. A summary of how the Theory of Change and Logic Model was developed. 2. When commissioning services for delivery to the VRU programme, please confirm whether the VRU routinely requests details of the Theory of Change/Logic Models from proposed commissioned providers. If yes, please provide copies of the Theory of Change documents/evidence provided by the last three service providers commissioned by the VRU. 3. Please confirm how often the VRU’s Theory of Change has been formally evaluated by the VRU since 2018. Please confirm the dates of any evaluation(s) and a copy of (or link to) any evaluation reports or supporting documents. 4. Please confirm the level of funding received from the Home Office to support VRU activity since 2018. 5. Please confirm the number of commissioned services procured by the VRU each year since 2018. 6. For each year since 2018, please confirm how many of these individual commissioned services have been evaluated by the VRU or independently, over and above any overarching evaluation of VRU performance itself. Information held Information provided Response
22/03/2024 HA05462 1) How many executive assistants are employed by the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner? Please include total number of roles even if a vacancy has not yet been filled. 2) Please provide the salary banding for this role. 3) In addition how many of the following does the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner employ? Diary Manager Personal Assistant Management Assistant 4) Please provide the salary banding for each position. Information held Information provided. Response