Meet the Commissioner’s team

The Police and Crime Commissioner’s team is made up of a small selection of experienced people. The team is led by the Chief Executive. The people who work with the Commissioner include experts in areas such as policy; scrutiny; finance; communications and engagement and business administration.

About the Commissioner’s team

The people working in the Commissioner’s office are not political. They work to support the Commissioner and provide expertise in various areas.

The team’s mission is to provide high calibre support to the Commissioner to assist him in effectively delivering his functions.

The team works to the following principles:

  • the team is the Commissioner’s team: it succeeds if he does
  • the team provides high quality support
  • the team gives informed advice when asked and needed
  • the team does not have a political view

It also conducts its business and communications in accordance with the systems and protocols agreed with the Commissioner.


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James Payne
James Payne
Chief Executive

Chief Executive for the Police and Crime Commissioner's Office

Every Police and Crime Commissioner must have a Chief Executive, who will also act as the Monitoring Officer. The Chief Executive will work with the Commissioner to enable delivery of their vision, strategy and identified priorities.

They will also:

  • Ensure effective operational and strategic leadership of the Commissioner's office through ongoing management and engagement
  • Facilitate the accurate and appropriate scrutiny of the Police Force's activities
  • Support and advise the Commissioner in delivering his manifesto, as expressed through the Police and Crime Plan, statutory duties and responsibilities
  • Fulfil the statutory functions of the Head of Paid Service and Monitoring Officer, which is to draw the Commissioner’s attention to any actual or possible contravention of law, maladministration or injustice

Salary: £100,397

OPCC Senior Management Team

Alan Haggar
Alan Hagger
Anja Kimberley
Anja Kimberley
Performance & Information
Lee Nixon
Estate, Operations and Support
Laura Cadd
Laura Cadd
Communications & Engagement
Richard Andrews
Richard Andrews
Standards & Compliance
Enzo Riglia
Enzo Riglia
Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner

Information about the office

As at 31 April 2019, there are 39.6 FTE members of staff in the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (this figure excludes the PCC). This figure includes those working on the Estate Change Programme, a fixed term programme for the renewal of the police estate. The programme gives rise to no additional cost to the public as funding (including the funding of salary costs) is achieved by reinvesting capital from sale of buildings that are no longer required and through more efficient usage of the remaining estate. In addition, it achieves a reduction in the total running cost of the police estate by £2m a year by the end of 2021 - money that will be put back into front-line policing.

  • The gender breakdown of the PCC's team is 71% female and 29% male
  • To the knowledge of the PCC's team, 15% of staff members are members of an ethnic minority
  • To the knowledge of the PCC's team, 7% of staff members have declared that they consider themselves to have a disability

Information about the role profiles within the office can be found here (opens in a new window).

Information about the structure of the office can be found here. Detailed information, as required by government, can be found on the Specified Information Order page.

Salary range (£) FTE
SPOT salary (Chief Executive) 1
54,970 - 61,872 (Grade I) 6.6
46,688 - 52,545 (Grade H) 3.6
40,052 - 45,077 (Grade G) 5
32,430 - 36,501 (Grade F) 15.4
25,331 - 28,508 (Grade E) 2
20,448 - 23,041 (Grade D) 6

Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner Register of Gifts and Hospitality

The Register is reviewed every month and any details will be posted below.  There are no items on the staff register of Gifts and Hospitality at the moment.

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