Statutory and Governance Decisions

Decisions of public interest

Details of the decisions agreed by the Commissioner (or those authorised under delegated authority) in exercising his duties are published here. All agreed decision notices will be published, along with background papers and other documents that are not restricted.

A decision making protocol, policy and procedure has been created to provide clarity of the role and expectations of all involved in the process to ensure that any decision reached by the Commissioner is done so in an open and transparent way to the communities of Hampshire and Isle of Wight.

On this page, you will find a record of the decisions agreed by the Commissioner in relation to OPCC business.  From January 2018 decisions relating to commissioning grants and contracts will be listed separately here.

Decisions made in 2019 will be listed here:

  • Agreement to provide an Underwriting Guarantee to the ICT Company – PCCML-000485-2019
  • Public and stakeholder engagement activity to support the delivery of the Police and Crime Plan and in support of the Commissioner’s statutory duties – 2019-20 – PCCML-000484-2019
  • Licence and development of SafetyNet – F/Y 2019-20 – PCCML-000481-2019
  • Reserves drawdown 2019-20 – Joint Audit Committee and ICT support – PCCML-000478-2019
  • Section 22A Collaboration Agreement relating to South Eastern Regional Integrated Policing – PCCML-000471-2019
  • Amendment to the Scheme of Delegation and Consent to reflect a change in the staffing structure – PCCML-000463-2019
  • Approval of Hampshire Constabulary and Office of Police and Crime Commissioner Procurement Strategy and Action Plan – PCCML-000456-2019

Decisions made in 2018 are listed here:

  • Complaints reform – selection of implementation model – PCCML-000444-2018
  • An offer of placement to outstanding students who have, in their studies, contributed meaningful research and recommendations to the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office for 12 months from Nov 2018 to Oct 2019 – PCCML-000443-2018
  • Enhanced community engagement and understanding the public’s safety concerns – A robust and credible approach to gauge public perceptions, attitudes, crime concerns and responses to topical issues – for financial year 2018-19 – PCCML-000442-2018
  • Enhanced community engagement and understanding the public’s safety concerns – a robust survey approach to gauge public perceptions, attitudes and crime concerns – for financial year 2017-18 – PCCML-000441-2018
  • Funding for Shared Services HR and staff training – PCCML-000440-2018
  • Funding request for Security Programme Lead role continuation – PCCML-000438-2018
  • Public and partner engagement activity to support the delivery of the Police and Crime Plan and in support of the Commissioner’s statutory duties – PCCML-000437-2018
  • Revised Scheme of delegation – PCCML-000433-2018
  • Revised Contract Standing Orders – PCCML-000432-2018
  • Release of funding – GDPR costs – PCCML-000431-2018
  • Secured By Design project closure – PCCML-000430-2018
  • Redundancy of OPCC staff members – PCCML-000429-2018
  • Data Protection Policy – PCCML-000428-2018
  • Allocation of funding to the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Youth Commission for the Cyber Ambassadors Scheme – PCCML-000426-2018
  • Funding allocations under the Safer Communities Grant Fund for the period of 1 October 2018 to 30 September 2019 – PCCML/000425/2018
  • Supporting Communities Grant Fund 2018/19 – PCCML/000412/2018
  • Community Safety Partnerships Grants Fund 2018/19 – PCCML/000411/2018
  • Funding for the Barnardos Hampshire Trafficking post 18 / ICTA Trafficking Service – PCCML_000410_2018
  • Research collaboration with university students and lecturers to evaluate commissioning themes and approaches and formation of expert reference panels – senior researcher (Grade F) – PCCML/000408/2018
  • Domestic Abuse Support Service for Victims (Hampshire only) and Domestic Abuse Perpetrators Service (Hampshire and Southampton)  – PCCML_000407_2018
  • Portsmouth Frankie Workers – PCCML_000406 _2018
  • Implementing the Strategy for Modern Slavery – PCCML_000405_2018
  • Budget 2018/19 – PCCML/ 000403/2018
  • Tableau (Data self service) collaboration – PCCML/000402/2018

For decisions made in previous years please click on the links below:

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