Investment in Policing Decisions

Decisions of public interest

Details of the decisions agreed by the Commissioner (or those authorised under delegated authority) in exercising his duties are published here. All agreed decision notices will be published, along with background papers and other documents that are not restricted.

A decision making protocol, policy and procedure has been created to provide clarity of the role and expectations of all involved in the process to ensure that any decision reached by the Commissioner is done so in an open and transparent way to the communities of Hampshire and Isle of Wight

On this page, you will find a record of the decisions agreed by the Commissioner in relation to force business.

Decisions made in 2019 will be listed here:

  • S22A Collaboration Agreement – NPCC Digital Public Contact Programme (‘Single Online Home’ Platform) – PCCML-000500-2019
  • S22A Collaboration Agreement – Property Interference Authorisations and Targeted Equipment Interference Warrants – PCCML-000498-2019
  • Use of specialist analytical service providers to assist a review of ‘Managing Investigative Demand’ in Hampshire Constabulary – PCCML-000497-2019
  • Transport vehicle replacement programme – Contribution from revenue to capital budgets – PCCML-000479-2019
  • Crime prevention initiatives for rural policing – PCCML-000477-2019
  • Hampshire Search & Rescue Dogs – Shortfall funds and safety equipment for Incident Support Vehicle – PCCML-000476-2019
  • Purchase of 300 Nylon multi-function pouches for Specially Trained Officers (STOs) who carry Tasers – PCCML-000470-2019
  • Wellbeing programme – Trauma exposure, psychological health, personal resilience and productivity in Hampshire Constabulary – PCCML-000460-2019
  • Police Education Qualification Framework (PEQF) Award and Implementation – Recruitment to maintain Hampshire Constabulary’s establishment numbers – PCCML-000459-2019
  • Scientific Services – Estate uplift to deliver compliance against ISO 17020 and 17025 Forensic Standards – PCCML-000458-2019

Decisions made in 2018 are listed here:

  • Contact Management Programme Budget uplift – Sep-18 – PCCML-000439-2018
  • Section 22A Collaboration Agreement with TVP in relation to Automatic Number Plate Recognition – PCCML-000436-2018
  • Renewal of the vehicle recovery service contract with a different provider – PCCML-000435-2018
  • Funding contribution for mental health advice to frontline officers – PCCML-000427-2018
  • Taser Uplift – PCCML/ 000416/2018
  • The release of funds to the value of £170k from Force reserves to progress the objectives within non urgent public contact discovery project – PCCML/ 000415 /2018
  • Request for the release of earmarked funds from reserves to engage external support for force development projects – PCCML/ 000413 /2018
  • Request for virement of £150k to facilitate the purchase of a learning management system – PCCML/ 000409/2018

For decisions made in previous years please click on the links below:

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