News in serious crime

Safe Car Wash app helps to identify possible slavery victims

If you are thinking about getting your car washed, download the Safe Car Wash app, which can help car owners spot potential victims of modern slavery and trafficking. The data can then be shared anonymously with the National Crime Agency and the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority. 

22 April 2019

Report suspicious activity and behaviour to tackle terrorism

The Police and Crime Commissioner urges the public to help the police tackle terrorism and save lives by reporting suspicious behaviour and activity.

22 January 2019

Four PCCs join forces to shine a light on modern slavery

Michael Lane, Police and Crime Commissioner, is joining forces with his counterparts in neighbouring areas for a ground-breaking conference to fight modern slavery.

19 June 2017

Commitment to combat modern slavery

Michael Lane, Police and Crime Commissioner, is attending a service at Westminster Abbey this evening to commemorate the work, both historical and contemporary, to tackle slavery.

13 October 2016

Commissioner opens Serious and Organised Crime Conference

Police and Crime Commissioner Michael Lane, recently opened the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Serious and Organised Crime Conference in Winchester, commenting that the Constabulary area is taking a “leading and innovative approach.”

30 June 2016

Neighbourhood Crime Maps

Find out what’s happening in your neighbourhood, meet your local policing team and how to contact them. Explore the crime map to see what has happened and the policing outcomes for each crime.

Neighbourhood Watch

Find a Watch scheme in your community, and apply to join or send a message to the scheme coordinator. Neighbourhood Watch provides a way for local people to play an important part in making their communities safer.