Hampshire Constabulary receives over 700 reports of fraud or attempted fraud each month.  Many of these are targeting elderly or vulnerable members of the community, and the consequences can be extremely damaging both financially and emotionally for the victims.






Cyber Profile
Technology is constantly evolving, providing great opportunities and exciting new ways of adding to our daily lives. Unfortunately not all technology and cyber activity is used in a positive way. The PCC’s office and Hampshire Constabulary are looking to gain a better understanding of technology and cyber usage across our communities. This will help us better understand what is happening online and how we can best offer support when technology and cyber activity takes a turn for the worse.

This survey is aimed at young people aged 14 to 17 years. We want to know how technology and being online impacts you in your every day life. To keep up with cyber trends, we want to know how young people today adapt and use devices, to understand young people experiences with technology, and identify how we can best support young people.



The Commissioner was running a Scamnesty, which was designed to allow members of the public to hand in suspected fraud mails or flyers.  Suspected scams collected during the Scamnesty are now being analysed to provide better intelligence about the types of scams that target residents across Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, and Southampton.

If you want to stay safe this Christmas while you are online shopping, check out our top tips for avoiding fraud and scams!


Safer Pack

The Commissioner’s team are also distributing Safer Packs, which have tips on recognising different types of fraud, and information about how to access support if you think you or someone you know has been a victim.  You can read the guide online, or speak to your local Neighbourhood Watch group (link at the bottom of the page).

Read the Safer Pack online

Download the Safer Pack guides

Read the Christmas Shopping guide


The Victim Care Service are also available to advise residents about the different types of support they can offer to anyone affected by crime.

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Saturday, 2 Nov 2018 17:34

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