Plan ahead for M27 closure by Highways England this weekend

24 June 2019

This weekend, Highways England will be closing a section of the M27 to replace the bridge which carries the A3057 Romsey Road over motorway.  As a result, residents should plan their journeys and expect extra traffic disruption in the area.

UPDATE: As of 17:15 Saturday 29 June 2019, the M27 has fully reopened between junctions 3-4.


Highways England will be replacing the A3057 Romsey Road bridge over the M27 as the bridge is coming to the final stages of its useful life. The current structure is made up of separate east and west bridges.

The purpose of the first weekend closure was to demolish the west bridge, the second closure will see the new bridge installed, and then the third closure will be for demolition of the eastern half of the old bridge. Highways England has scheduled closures to complete the bridge replacement works; at present work is scheduled on:

  • Friday 28 September to Monday 1 October 2018 [COMPLETED]
  • 22:00 Friday 28 June 2019 to 05:00 Monday 1 July 2019 [COMPLETED ahead of schedule]
  • Friday 18 October 2019 to Monday 21 October 2019

The weekend closure of the M27 in June between junctions 3 (M271) to 4 (M3) will not affect the A3057 Romsey Road, which will remain open to vehicles and pedestrian traffic.  During the June closure of the M27, the new bridge will be installed.


M27 Eastbound diversions


M27 Westbound diversions

Diversions for local traffic can be found here.


Further information is available on Highways England’s web page: which includes an engagement tool where you can give your views on the project.

For updates residents can sign up to Highways England email alerts and follow @HighwaysSEast on Twitter.  You can also follow @ROMANSE on Twitter for traffic and travel information.


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