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Listening to your priorities

Since my election, and campaigning earlier this year, I have listened to thousands of people from the community, in business, specialist partners and the Chief Constable’s team, who deliver the operational policing. This has been an important first step before updating the Police and Crime Plan.

One thing is clear, public safety matters to everyone.

I recognise that further reductions in crime will not be easy, and I know that the Police alone cannot cut crime. Collaboration is critical in the face of emerging threats and the financial pressures we will face.

A Time of High Challenge. The global and national scene is uncertain, the face of crime is changing, criminals are adapting, and the policing response required to tackle this needs to evolve. Although funding continues to be under enormous pressure, I will make sure that effectiveness is not compromised in the pursuit of efficiency. And I will empower the necessary change to keep us effective in defeating those who wish us harm.

I will always seek to mitigate risk, but we need to sustain what we do best and change to be fit to meet future uncertainties.

I understand the importance of representing our interests at a regional and national level, and will not shy away from this. But I believe that societal change is best delivered through the foundation of community. And that will always start locally with you, your family, your neighbours and your wider community connections. And this will be delivered with the appropriate local and neighbourhood policing.

My Vision is that Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton are amongst the safest places to live, work and visit, and that people are empowered to realise their life opportunities.

My Priorities are to:

Stand up for every resident: being visible, accessible and accountable to the people I represent, ensuring their concerns are heard and addressed.

To achieve this I will:

  • Enable effective and efficient operational policing which meets the needs of the people it serves, by empowering the Chief Constable
  • Strengthen partnerships to work together to reduce crime, promote public safety and create vibrant, inclusive communities
  • Reduce offending
  • Support victims and those affected by crime and disorder

My Mission: To make you, your family, and your community safer…

Michael Lane
Police and Crime Commissioner

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