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Your Voice on Policing: Why voting for a Police and Crime Commissioner matters

25 April 2024

As the PCC elections on May 2 approach, it’s important to know what Police and Crime Commissioners do and why it’s crucial to vote.

The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) plays a vital role in ensuring public concerns are heard and addressed.  Elected directly by the public, the PCC serves as a crucial link between the community and the police force.

Championing Your Voice

The PCC isn’t just another government official. They are a representative chosen by the public to be their voice on all matters related to crime and policing. This means they have a responsibility to understand the specific needs and priorities of their communities.

The role is all about ensuring the police force is responsive and accountable to the people it serves by actively engaging with residents, community groups, and other stakeholders. The PCC is there to understand the challenges faced by residents and advocate for policing that keeps them safe.

Setting Priorities, Delivering Results

Public input is essential to shaping an effective policing service.  The PCC works closely with the Chief Constable to develop a Police and Crime Plan that reflect community priorities. The Police and Crime Plan is a roadmap for a safer future. It outlines key objectives for tackling crime, reducing antisocial behaviour, and building trust between the police and the public.

Beyond Crime Fighting

The PCC’s role extends beyond simply fighting crime.  They also play a key role in:

Securing Funding: The PCC sets the police budget and determines the council tax contribution towards policing. This ensures that resources are allocated effectively to meet the community’s needs.

Promoting Transparency: The PCC has a responsibility to hold the police force accountable for its actions. This includes overseeing complaints procedures and ensuring fair and transparent policing practices.

Building Trust: The PCC works to foster positive relationships between the police and the community. This includes initiatives to promote community engagement.

Engaging with Your PCC

An informed public is a powerful public.  There are many ways to get involved with your local PCC:

  • Attend public meetings and forums
  • Contact your PCC’s office to share your concerns and ideas
  • Participate in online surveys and consultations on the Police and Crime Plan

By actively engaging with the PCC, you can play a vital role in shaping the future of policing in your community.  A strong and effective PCC ensures that the police force is truly representative of the people it serves, working together for a safer and more secure future for all.

Why Voting in PCC Elections Matters

Voting in the PCC elections is really important because:

Having a Say: By voting, you get to choose who represents your community and what they prioritise. This means you have a say in how the police are run and what they focus on.

Making Sure Your Voice is Heard: It’s your chance to make sure the person in charge of policing listens to your concerns and acts on them.

Improving Policing: The people you elect can make decisions that make the police better at their job and keep your community safer.

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight encourages residents to visit their website for more information on the PCC role and how to get involved.

VISIT: Home – Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner (

GET IN TOUCH – submit an online form: Contact the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner – Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner (


Telephone: 01962 871595