Safer Together

The Police and Crime Commissioner, Michael Lane, has an ambition, through his Commissioning and Partnerships Team, to reduce offending and support victims, enabling people to realise their life potential without being drawn into the Criminal Justice System.



The Commissioner has pledged to secure services that empower partners and potential partners through regular opportunities to bid for grant funding for projects and contracts.  Find out how to apply, which projects and services are currently funded, and have been funded in the past.




Reducing crime and promoting public safety cannot be delivered by the police alone. We all have an important role to play.  Effective partnerships prevent duplication, reduce costs, and tackle issues using a joined-up approach.



Prevention of Crime and Disorder (report)

Under section 7(1) of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998(b), the Police and Crime Commissioner is required to publish a copy of Crime and Disorder reports.  No such reports have been published for the Hampshire Constabulary area at this time.

Neighbourhood Crime Maps

Find out what’s happening in your neighbourhood, meet your local policing team and how to contact them. Explore the crime map to see what has happened and the policing outcomes for each crime.

Neighbourhood Watch

Find a Watch scheme in your community, and apply to join or send a message to the scheme coordinator. Neighbourhood Watch provides a way for local people to play an important part in making their communities safer.