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Investment in new speed camera technology to tackle persistent noise and speeding on problem roads

17 January 2022

Police and Crime Commissioner Donna Jones has agreed an investment of £677,000 for Hampshire Constabulary to buy average speed cameras for the A32 and A272 within the Meon Valley, two of the most problematic roads for excessive vehicle noise and speeding in Hampshire. Since being elected last May, the Police and Crime Commissioner has received consistent complaints about noise and speeding on these two roads from local rural communities and made a commitment to make improvements.

Analysis by Hampshire Constabulary has shown that new technology is needed to tackle speeding, noise and other road offences. This includes average speed cameras to reduce speed and noise, and new cameras that stop motorists speeding through changing traffic lights and breaking speed limits as they pass through the lights.

There have been problems with excessive vehicle noise and speeding in the Meon Valley for a number of years. Hampshire Constabulary has invested significant time and resources into speeding enforcement on the A32 and A272 because they are high casualty roads, but due to limited technology capturing offending motorists and motorcyclists was difficult. Investing in new average speed technology will make identification easier and will capture offending motorcycles or any vehicle that is not displaying a front number plate. The cameras will provide a 24/7 permanent digital enforcement solution to tackle the noise and speed. Hampshire Constabulary will continue to support the use of the cameras with marked and unmarked patrols, mobile speed camera vans and enforcement operations where other offences are picked up, such as illegal exhausts.

The work will now be subject to a procurement process, with the aim of it being completed by the end of 2022.

Police and Crime Commissioner Donna Jones said, “Since being elected I have received consistent complaints from residents in the surrounding areas of the A32 and A272 in Meon Valley about the excessive motorbike noise and speeding, which is having a detrimental impact on their lives. I have listened to those concerns and the funding of these new cameras is a big step forward in delivering on my commitment to those residents to reduce the excessive noise and speeding.

“This investment is a result of significant analysis and work by Hampshire Constabulary and follows close working with local MPs, councillors and parish councillors who have all expressed their concerns on behalf of local residents and communities.

“The new camera technology will enable Hampshire Constabulary to make best use of the most up to date equipment available, keep roads safer and bring the most prolific offenders to justice.

“The installation of the cameras will not only address the persistent noise and speeding on the A32 and A272, but also provide reassurance for the public across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight that these type of offences will be tackled and taken seriously.”

Chief Superintendent Darren O’Callaghan said: “The A32 and A272 are high casualty routes within Hampshire and they are policed by the Roads Policing Unit as a priority.

“We are supportive of this measure as a way of discouraging any illegal use of these routes, to lessen the impact on local communities and to improve safety.

“We are also conscious that speed cameras alone will not solve the dangerous and anti-social use of the roads. This is why we will continue to conduct marked and unmarked patrols, use mobile speed cameras and conduct enforcement operations targeting illegal and nonconforming exhaust systems and the Fatal 4 contributors to incidents on our roads.”

Flick Drummond MP for Meon Valley said, “I am really pleased the Police and Crime Commissioner has proposed this measure. By doing so she has demonstrated she is listening to my concerns and the concerns of local people across Meon Valley whose lives are blighted by speeding motorbikes.

“Average speed cameras on the A32 and A272 will be a very effective and welcome weapon in the armoury of the police.

“These are roads where speeding has been a dangerous problem for many years along with anti-social motorbike noise that causes so much anguish. The installation of the cameras recognises these two problems – that often go hand in hand – need to be addressed. I would like to thank Donna for her work and action on this issue.”

Damian Hinds MP for East Hampshire added, “Concerns about excessive vehicle noise on these rural routes and the impact this has on local residents, has been a growing issue. Often the result of speeding, excessive road noise not only blights the lives of local people, but threatens an area known and valued for its beauty and tranquillity.

“Along with neighbouring MP Flick Drummond and local councillors I have continued to engage with both Hampshire Police and the Hampshire Highways team.

“I want to thank them and Police and Crime Commissioner Donna Jones for securing the installation of average speed cameras on these routes.

“This is a significant investment, and I look forward to seeing the work completed.”