Youth Commission

What is the Youth Commission?

The Youth Commission is a brilliant opportunity for a wide range of young people to gain new knowledge, skills and experiences, and have their say on crime and policing issues that matter most to them.

The Youth Commission enables young people to support, challenge and voice young people’s opinions from across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, to help shape decisions about policing and crime.

What are this year’s priorities?

Members of the current Youth Commission have identified the following areas they are passionate about tackling

  • Cyber Safety
  • Mental Health
  • Unhealthy Relationships
  • Hate Crime

Throughout the year Commission members will be holding its Big Conversation – talking to young people about the four priorities, finding out key concerns and ideas on how best to tackle them from the younger community’s point of view.

Which of these is your top concern and what do you think should be done to improve things?

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Our Findings and recommendations from 2016/17

Please read our recommendations report to find out what 3,500 young people told us last year about cyber safety, mental health, substance misuse and relationships with authorities, and to see what we have recommended needs to happen now!


Youth Commission Campaigns

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Want to join us

Recruitment for youth commission volunteers opens at the beginning of February each year for one month – missed it? you can still register your interest and we will contact you when recruitment opens again.



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