The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Youth Commission has launched a new cyber safety campaign encouraging young people to Go FISH (Find. Internet. Safety. Help.)

The internet is a phenomenal resource connecting people globally, helping them communicate with friends and share anything instantly. You can even complete your school or homework and submit it across the internet.

The accessibility and reliance of the world wide web means that increasingly young people are able to have a much bigger presence online (more so than their parents). We therefore need to try and make this environment as safe for children and young people as the offline world is.


Don’t get caught out Go F.I.S.H (Find Internet Safety Help)

  • Protect your privacy and identity
  • Don’t post personal information online – like your address, email address, date of birth or mobile number
  • Set your privacy settings as high as possible
  • Never share your passwords

Protect your image

  • Think ‘is this how I want to be seen by friends, family or employers’ before posting anything
  • Don’t post pictures or videos of yourself that you (and anyone else in them) wouldn’t be happy for the world to see
  • Ask yourself ‘would I say this to someone’s face’ before you post a comment online, once it is out there you can’t take it back!

Protect against predators

  • Remember that not everyone online is who they say they are
  • Don’t befriend people you don’t know
  • Don’t meet up with people you’ve met online
  • There are lots of site with internet help, there are a few below so what are you waiting for? #GoF.I.S.H.

Some good sites to go F.I.S.H-ing on…