Commissioning Services Decisions

From January 2018, all the Commissioners decisions on grants and contracts will be listed here.

Decisions of public interest

Details of the decisions agreed by the Commissioner (or those authorised under delegated authority) in exercising his duties are published here. All agreed decision notices will be published, along with background papers and other documents that are not restricted.

A decision making protocol, policy and procedure has been created to provide clarity of the role and expectations of all involved in the process to ensure that any decision reached by the Commissioner is done so in an open and transparent way to the communities of Hampshire and Isle of Wight.


  • Commissioning arrangements for ‘Appropriate Adults’ – PCCML-000494-2019
  • Funding support for Cyber Ambassadors Scheme 2019-21 – PCCML-000482-2019
  • Isle of Wight Neighbourhood Watch Scheme Plus continuation funding for 2019-20 – PCCML-000469-2019
  • Change to the support offered to victims of low level and minor crimes or anti-social behaviour – Revision to Community Remedy document – PCCML-000465-2019


  • Proposed funding allocations under the Safer Communities Grant Fund for 2019-20 – PCCML-000455-2018
  • Better outcomes, reduced demand for frontline policing and efficiencies through commissioning of Out of Court diversionary services – PCCML-000454-2018
  • Portsmouth Frankie Worker Service – Additional one year extension – PCCML-000453-2018
  • Required Assessments – A revised approach to managing offenders with a cost saving of £37,000 per year – PCCML-000452-2018
  • Early Intervention Youth Fund (EIYF) – Successful bid for additional Home Office funding – PCCML-000451-2018
  • Allocation under the Supporting Communities Grant Fund – Motiv8 South Ltd – PCCML-000449-2018
  • Raising awareness of ‘What are Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and ‘why are they important’? across Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton – PCCML-000446-2018
  • Integrated domestic and sexual abuse services in Southampton – PCCML-000445-2018
  • Allocation of funding to the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Youth Commission for the Cyber Ambassadors Scheme – PCCML-000426-2018
  • Funding allocations under the Safer Communities Grant Fund for the period of 1 October 2018 to 30 September 2019 – PCCML/000425/2018
  • Supporting Communities Fund – Oakridge Infant School – PCCML/000424/2018
  • Allocations under the Safer Together Event – Inclusion – PCCML/ 000423/2018
  • Allocations under the Supporting Communities Grant Fund – Isle of Wight UK – PCCML/ 000422 /2018
  • Supporting Communities Grant Fund 2018/19 – PCCML/000412/2018
  • Community Safety Partnerships Grants Fund 2018/19 – PCCML/000411/2018
  • Funding for the Barnardos Hampshire Trafficking post 18 / ICTA Trafficking Service – PCCML_000410_2018
  • Domestic Abuse Support Service for Victims (Hampshire only) and Domestic Abuse Perpetrators Service (Hampshire and Southampton)  – PCCML_000407_2018
  • Portsmouth Frankie Workers – PCCML_000406 _2018
  • Implementing the Strategy for Modern Slavery – PCCML_000405_2018
  • Allocations under the Supporting Communities Grant Fund – Gosport Borough Council, Community Speed Watch – PCCML/ 000399/2018
  • Proposed funding allocations under the Safer Communities Grant Fund for 2018/19 – PCCML/ 000397 /2018
  • Allocations under the Supporting Communities Grant Fund – Chrysalis, Chrysalis Counselling – PCCML_ 000396_2018 WEB
  • Allocations under the Supporting Communities Grant Fund – The Bridge’s Support Project, Support to Children Experiencing Domestic Abuse – PCCML_ 000395_2017


  • Allocations under the Supporting Communities Grant Fund – Headway Portsmouth & South East Hampshire for brain injury awareness programmes – PCCML/ 000391/2017


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