September COMPASS available to watch

05 October 2018

Police and Crime Commissioner, Michael Lane, challenges Hampshire Constabulary’s Chief Constable on police priorities, as well as questions and concerns for the public.

In September, the PCC challenged the Chief Constable on specific issues including ASB, public confidence in policing, local policing, violent crime, demand on policing, and questions from MPs and the public.

Timings for specific questions:

00:01:24 Chief Constable at our last COMPASS meeting I challenged you to consider and respond at this meeting to some concerns the public have regularly raised with me. The first of these relates to ASB: ‘Our communities say there is too low a response rate to Anti-Social Behaviour; ASB, which they feel is growing, makes people feel unsafe; And they question why police are not more proactive and responsive to this.’

00:10:55 I also raised concerns with you about the progress in restoring Public Confidence in Hampshire Constabulary, including the impact from the Gosport War Memorial Hospital report, which had just be released, and follow up actions needed.

00:15:20 Chief Constable can you provide an update on the local policing review, and give clues as to the operational requirement you assess will be needed and what future local policing might look like in your operational plan?

00:30:26 Public confidence in policing is often impacted by the press and media reports which often only report part of the story. In the last few weeks, four murders have been publicly reported and commented on. Chief Constable can you reassure the public?

00:38:58 This summer the Constabulary faced unprecedented demand and has been stretched to its limit. For this year’s settlement and into next year you presented your plans to me which included savings of £10m this year 2018/19 that you could deliver. You assured me that the Constabulary would still be able to provide a minimum service and respond to the most urgent calls from the public. Chief Constable how have you tuned your operational plan to adjust to this extra demand? What does this mean for the public and what have you needed to reduce or stop doing?

00:50:38 Kit Malthouse (MP for North West Hampshire) has written to me stating he is at a loss as to why PCSO’s haven’t been re-distributed following the reduction of them within Test Valley.
Mims Davies (MP for Eastleigh), forwarded a complaint from a constituent as to why the police would allow a group of Gypsy and Travellers to drive off in their vehicles which were not taxed. (The complainant reportedly had checked this online with the DVLA.)

00:55:01 You will know, and I hope many members of the public will also be aware, that I offer opportunities for members of the public to write in with questions they would like to ask you via my COMPASS sessions. Today we have a Public Question: “A friend of my daughter went to the police after being visited by bailiffs for a debt she had no idea about owed to the mobile phone company O2 it appears someone had used her details. She found out who it was so best part of the job of the police has been done yet her impression was they had no interest. Mr Chatfield wrote: ‘So my question is what crimes are Hampshire Police interested in, as identity theft and fraud are clearly not on the list?”

01:02:41 You have told me before that 80% of your resources are not directly related to crime, and you have indicated the value of the interventions that prevent and pre-empt risk to the public. If 20% of your operational demand is directly related to crime, what positive difference to crime outcomes, which are the first concern of the public, would be delivered by increasing your allocation to this endeavour to 30%?

01:11:23 Chief Constable for our next COMPASS, I would like to hear your plans and priorities to meet business concerns in our area.

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