Reducing crime and supporting victims through community based projects

13 February 2019

The Police and Crime Commissioner has worked to identify the community based services that will help tackle local priorities in preventing offending, protecting the vulnerable and supporting victims.

He has been supported in this process by Community Safety Partnerships, District Commanders from Hampshire Constabulary, and other partners, such as domestic abuse and sexual crime commissioners.

Michael Lane said: “Working with local teams is key to my ability to target local priorities and support better outcomes for residents.

“Keeping people SAFER is not just a matter for policing but one that must be shared. It is just as much about tackling the root causes of crime as tackling the crime itself and its consequences.

“Reducing offending, supporting victims and protecting the vulnerable, are an absolute priority and sit appropriately alongside enabling effective operational policing. Targeted support for community projects not only helps improve the lives of individuals, it also helps to reduce demand and pressure on policing; enabling officers to focus on their core role of investigating and detecting crime, pursuing offenders and bringing them to justice.”

The Commissioner’s Safer Communities Fund was set up to support victims and help prevent offending. In this funding round the Commissioner received 113 applications totalling £3,035,829, exceeding by far the amount of funding available. There were 65 successful grant applications totalling £1,291,041.

The full list of grants is available here.

Neighbourhood Crime Maps

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Neighbourhood Watch

Find a Watch scheme in your community, and apply to join or send a message to the scheme coordinator. Neighbourhood Watch provides a way for local people to play an important part in making their communities safer.