Police confirm move to Lymington NFDC offices

21 September 2018

The Police and Crime Commissioner is pleased to announce the new location for the New Forest West police station at the New Forest District Council offices on Avenue Road.  It will provide modern and fit-for-purpose accommodation for officers and staff to continue policing the Lymington area.

Responsible for the police estate, the Police and Crime Commissioner’s team has identified a suitable site for the local policing team to relocate to.  This new site will be fitted out in line with the Constabulary’s requirements.

The new site will provide:

  • An accessible public front counter
  • An interview room
  • Workspace and welfare facilities for officers and staff
  • Parking for operational and visitor vehicles
  • Meeting rooms
  • Improve proximity to Lymington town centre.

Michael Lane, Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “Providing effective and efficient bases for the officers and staff that serve our communities has always been one of my priorities for the role of Commissioner, and our service must respond to changing demands.

“This move will see the police even closer to the centre of Lymington, where they will continue to keep residents safer.”

Chief Inspector Robert Mitchell, New Forest District Commander, said: “I am glad that the local neighbourhoods and response teams will be able to work in modern, fit-for-purpose accommodation whilst remaining in the centre of the community we serve.”

Councillor Barry Rickman, Leader of New Forest District Council, said: “We are pleased to be able to accommodate the police at Lymington Town Hall, working with them for the benefit of the local community and supporting the continued police service in Lymington.”

Lymington’s current police station dates from 1952, and is outdated and no longer fit-for-purpose.  The Commissioner’s estate strategy continues to retain police officers in a mix of new and refurbished bases within the communities they serve. The redevelopment of the estate supports effective delivery of modern policing now and into the future.

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