PCC supports victims and reduces crime by funding community-based projects

02 March 2020

The Police and Crime Commissioner and his team have worked to identify community-based projects that will help address his priorities and work locally to protect vulnerable people, support victims of crime, and prevent offending.

Michael Lane, Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “These awards seek to maximise benefits to our communities, and they are focused on removing key risks and creating opportunities. My hope and purpose is that victims and the vulnerable will be protected, and through these grants opportunities will be created which keep us all safer.”

“Keeping people safer is not just a matter for policing but one that must be shared. It is just as much about tackling the root causes of crime as tackling the crime itself and its consequences.

“Targeted support for community projects not only helps improve the lives of individuals, it also helps to reduce demand and pressure on policing; enabling officers to focus on their core role of investigating and detecting crime, pursuing offenders and bringing them to justice.”

The Commissioner’s Safer Communities Fund was set up to support victims and help prevent offending. In this funding round the Commissioner received 117 applications totalling £3,183,343, exceeding by far the amount of funding available. There were 61 successful grant applications totalling £1,308,033.

The funding that the Commissioner invests in projects and services to protect our communities is allocated from two sources: The Ministry of Justice provides an annual grant which can only be spent on supporting victims of crime; and an annual amount is allocated from central government.


Projects supported by the PCC in this funding round

Organisation name Project Title Project Summary Area Covered Amount Awarded
Aurora New Dawn Stalking Advocate Stalking Advocate – For victims, Hampshire and IOW – working in partnership as part of the multi-agency stalking clinic and to the wider National Multi Agency Stalking Interventions Programme (MASIP) a national research project. Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, Southampton £40,000
Aurora New Dawn Digital Media Investigations (DMI) Advocate Advocacy to support vulnerable victims of cyber crime stalking, including sextortion, revenge porn, sexting and romance fraud. Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, Southampton £22,000
Winchester Youth Counselling Counselling for young people aged 11-25 We will provide 5 free individual counselling sessions on a weekly basis for 46 weeks of the year to young people aged 11-25.  Each session will last for 50 minutes.  It is hoped approx. 40 young people will benefit. Winchester £4,950
The Hampton Trust Children and Young Person’s Sexual Violence Advisor Isle of Wight based ISVA service for 11-17 years. We currently have a service for 18 years plus whereby demand outstrips capacity. There is no provision for 11-17 year old victims of sexual crime on the island. Isle of Wight £35,000
Y Services for Young People Safer Spaces Fareham The project will involve working with young people in outreach and detached settings over three evenings to support vulnerable young people and work with all young people to reduce offending and antisocial behaviour by an experienced team of youth workers. Fareham £9,000
Y Services for Young people Safe Spaces Gosport Provision of 9 hours of tier 2/3 detached (street based) targeted youth work in the borough of Gosport including additional targeted sessions during holiday periods to address seasonal issues, delivered by an experienced team of youth workers. Gosport £7,300
Y Services for Young People Safer Spaces Havant Provision of 9 hours of tier 2/3 detached (street based) targeted youth work in the borough of Havant including additional 1-1 support and structured group work sessions to be delivered by an experienced team of youth workers. Havant £8,200
Y Services for Young People Safer Spaces Winchester Provision of 9 hours of tier 2/3 detached (street based) targeted youth work in the Southern Parishes of Winchester including additional 1-1 support and structured group work sessions to be delivered by an experienced team of youth workers. Winchester £7,300
Safer Portsmouth Partnership Substance misuse intervention programme A targeted and enhanced service for offenders. This will increase access and maintain engagement in treatment. Substance misuse treatment will reduce re-offending, reduce the risk posed by offenders, support and monitor offenders to develop life skills. Portsmouth £50,000
Liss Youth Centre Detached Work (Outreach) to Liss Village Provision of two qualified youth workers to undertake detached work at least twice a week, to meet with young people where they congregate in the village, with an objective of supporting them to make informed decisions. East Hampshire £5,000
No Limits Safety Net Individualised support for highly vulnerable YP (under 26) at risk of committing serious offences, preventing them offending/re-offending/becoming victims. Working intensively with YP leaving prison/YOIs and MET YP, providing 1-1 support, positive activities, counselling, specialist services. Southampton £25,000
Yellow Brick Road Projects The Legacy Project Andover is one of top 10 areas impacted by county lines. We’ll deliver; – community workshops  – universal SYV & CCE seminars to schools & PRU  – mentoring clinic – group work for teens involved in CCE – family support Test Valley £25,000
Southampton Street Pastors Southampton Street Pastors patrolling activities We offer reassurance, safety and support through listening, caring and helping. We patrol on Friday and Saturday night in the NTE, in Millbrook on a Saturday evening and afternoon patrols in the communities around three of our senior schools. Southampton £10,000
Pompey in the Community Restore Pompey Restore Pompey will connect with young people participating, or at risk of participating in football hooliganism. It will engage them in a programme of diversionary activity and training, thereby reducing potential offending and re-offending, making communities safer, and changing lives. Portsmouth £17,000
Basingstoke Street Pastors Basingstoke Street Pastors and Safe Hub To walk Basingstoke streets on Friday and Saturday nights to minimise anti-social behaviour, offer help, first aid, pastoral care and a quiet place. Basingstoke & Deane £5,510
Youth Options Southampton Detached A flexible and mobile open-access detached youth project responding to hotspot areas of anti-social behaviour (ASB) and exploitation across Southampton, aiming to lower offending, reduce the burden on local police, and create better relationships between young people and their communities. Southampton £19,000
Active Communities Network Leigh Park Stars – Havant Our structured youth-led diversionary activities and progression pathway targets young residents of the Leigh Park estate/community. Our youth-led work is delivered year round blending sports activities and youth work to divert and progress into vocational training, education and employment routes. Havant £23,000
Portsmouth Abuse and Rape Counselling Service (PARCS) Children’s Independent Sexual Violence Advocate  in Portsmouth and SE Hampshire. The CISVA will provide a single point of contact with responsibility for reporting case progress and have regular contact with young people and their parent/carers through visits and ‘phone calls. Fareham, Gosport, Havant, Portsmouth £15,100
Portsmouth Abuse and Rape Counselling Service (PARCS) Children and Young People Trauma Informed Counsellor The qualified trauma informed counsellor will provide up to 18 sessions of specialist counselling for children who have experienced inter-personal trauma including domestic abuse. Portsmouth £18,800
Street Pastors Portsmouth Street Pastors Portsmouth Street Pastors are trained Christian volunteers providing care and practical help supporting the night time economy to maintain a safe environment. Portsmouth £5,000
Footprints Project Support for High Risk of Harm and High Risk of Reoffending Female offenders We will offer mentoring and practical support to women who are assessed as medium to high risk of harm to the public or high risk of reoffending, particularly concentrating on those based at Elizabeth Fry Approved Premise returning to Hampshire. Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, Southampton £7,300
The Prince’s Trust Positive Futures 2020 We plan to run The Prince’s Trust’s Cooking and Heathy Eating and Enterprise programmes in HMP Winchester Young Offenders Institute (YOI) for 26 young offenders. The aim is to enable them to have a positive future and prevent re-offending. Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, Southampton £20,000
Portsmouth City Council APV Schools Coordinator A dedicated resource to further embed  and increase NVR delivery within the City. The coordinator role will allow support to be offered to schools to ensure the impact of behaviour change program can be seen in the wider community Portsmouth £25,000
SSAFA Hampshire Supporting Veterans in the CJS To prevent reoffending through the provision of material support, e.g. secure housing and debt advice to applicants. Hampshire, Portsmouth, Southampton £1,300
Motiv8 (Gosport) Gosport Targeted Youth Support Programme Gosport wide referral based service providing targeted 1:1 support/mentoring to reduce Crime/ASB and all forms of Exploitation. Gosport £19,500
Stop Domestic Abuse South East Hampshire Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Support Work with young people who are experiencing/have experienced/are affected by Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) in the Havant and Gosport Boroughs and Portsmouth City. Gosport, Havant, Portsmouth £18,500
The Society of St James The Cafe in The Park The Cafe in the Park is a supported work project to provide employment and training opportunities for vulnerable people. Portsmouth £16,000
Poseidon Amateur Boxing Club Fighting Back Fighting Back uses non-contact boxing training and innovative use of virtual reality technology to engage youth offenders, ex-offenders or those at risk of offending diversionary activity to reduce offending. Eastleigh, Southampton £15,000
Motiv8 (Fareham) Fareham Targeted Youth Support Programme Fareham wide referral based service providing targeted 1:1 support/mentoring to reduce Crime/ASB and all forms of exploitation. Fareham £16,000
Stop Domestic Abuse It’s a RAPP (Relationship Abuse Prevention Programme) This programme works with children and young people to learn about domestic violence. Its purpose is to break the cycle of abuse for potential victims, perpetrators or general offenders through tailored packages of tiered support. Havant, Portsmouth £25,000
Portsmouth City Council Up2U: Creating Healthy Relationships Up2U is an intervention programme to work with people who use abusive and/or violent behaviours in their relationships, with partner support. Portsmouth £20,000
Spurgeons Invisible Walls OPCC funding will support Spurgeons’ Invisible Walls project at Winchester HMP for 1-year, to support 80 fathers to maintain and strengthen relationships with their children and families, and prepare for release with the longer-term aim of reducing recidivism. Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, Southampton £15,516
Age UK Isle of Wight LGBTQI Hate Crime Support Project We will raise awareness, and develop practical solutions, to enable victims of homophobic/trans-phobic/bi-phobic hate crime to feel protected and supported. Isle of Wight £18,000
Tall Ships Youth Trust Sailing Beyond Expectations To enable 20 young offenders/young people at risk of offending from Portsmouth or the Isle of Wight to take part in a TSYT voyage in order to equip them with the self-esteem/skills necessary to prevent them from turning to crime. Isle of Wight, Portsmouth £8,440
Motiv8 (Havant) Havant Targeted Youth Support Programme Havant wide referral based service providing targeted 1:1 support/mentoring to reduce Crime/ASB and all forms of Exploitation. Havant £18,500
Motiv8 (Portsmouth) Portsmouth Targeted Youth Support Programme Portsmouth wide referral based service providing targeted 1:1 support/mentoring to reduce Crime/ASB and all forms of Exploitation. Portsmouth £22,500
Stop Domestic Abuse ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Recovery Toolkit Group Work Parallel group work programmes for children, young people and their non-abusive parents to address Adverse Childhood Experiences, reducing the impact of these throughout their lives. Hampshire, Portsmouth £11,200
Revive Newport Newport Youth Café and Detached Youthwork We will provide a youth cafe for young people with a range of social activities and support services, alongside a five-day/week detached service with youth workers working with young people at town-centre locations identified by the police and council. Isle of Wight £24,000
Yellow Door (Solent) Yellow Door Sexual Abuse Therapeutic Services (Western Hampshire) To provide emotional & therapeutic support to children, young people, adults and families affected by the psychological impact of rape and sexual abuse Eastleigh, New Forest, Test Valley £25,000
Yellow Door (Solent) Hidden Harm (HH) Development Worker We prevent & respond to ‘Hidden Harm’ (HH) which includes Female Genital Mutilation/ Cutting (FGM/C), Forced Marriage (FM) and so-called Honour based Abuse (HBA) & child abuse linked to faith or belief (CAFB) using community-based approaches & supporting victims. Southampton £25,000
Yellow Door (Solent) Safer Futures Supporting children in primary schools (and their parent) who have been exposed to domestic violence & abuse or other adverse childhood experiences to build resilience, know how to keep safe, improve communication & trust with others & increase well-being post-abuse. Southampton £20,000
Yellow Door (Solent) Young People’s Independent Sexual Violence Advisor The Young People’s (YP) ISVA will provide, information, advocacy and practical/emotional support as detailed above to West Hampshire and Winchester YP (male and female) aged 11 – 18 following any experience of rape, sexual assault or sexual exploitation. Eastleigh, New Forest, Test Valley, Winchester £24,973
Yellow Door (Solent) STAR Star is an education project operating in schools & youth settings that aims to prevent & respond early to the risks & harms to children & young people of domestic & sexual abuse promoting healthy relationships & safety. Eastleigh, New Forest, Southampton, Test Valley £15,000
Active Communities Network Urban Stars – Charles Dickens & St Thomas Wards – Portsmouth A youth diversionary project using sport as its primary method. We will target hotspot areas in St Thomas’s and Charles Dickens wards and build formal and informal referrals for those highlighted at risk. We provide pathways into youth-led developmental opportunities. Portsmouth £26,000
Circles South East Hampshire Reducing Sexual Harm Circles Project – Enhanced Perpetrator Support Services Circles SE will provide tailored support networks (Circles) and intervention programmes designed to support people at risk of abusing others and people who have been convicted of sexual offences through access to Circles SE Enhanced Perpetrator Support Services Basingstoke and Deane, Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester £20,000
Citizens Advice Rushmoor Secure and Involved Communities The project will support identification, awareness and reporting of hate crime, cybercrime and hidden harm from crime.  It will build on successful delivery models to focus on the Nepali community, as well as others with protected characteristics. Basingstoke & Deane, Hart, Rushmoor £30,000
Saints Foundation Saints4Sport (S4S) Saints4Sport supports vulnerable and at risk adults  in Southampton who are going through some of life’s biggest challenges. S4S offers a structured timetable of sporting activities and accredited outcomes aiming to reduce reoffending and to promote positive community connections. Southampton £25,000
The Blue Lamp Trust Cyber Bobby Scheme To raise awareness around cyber enabled crime and provide support to the old (over 65) and vulnerable in their homes. To include traditional cyber frauds such as email scams as well as more modern crimes such as romance fraud Hampshire, Portsmouth, Southampton £14,000
Stop Domestic Abuse Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Harmful Cultural Practices (HCP) Community Development This project will work with affected diaspora communities to prevent incidents, support victims/survivors and increase professionals’ knowledge of FGM and HCP throughout Hampshire (excluding Southampton). It will particularly focus on communities with high BAMER populations, including Portsmouth, Basingstoke and Rushmoor. Hampshire, Portsmouth £30,000
Communities  First Wessex:RASAC Additional support for victims of childhood sexual abuse through a trauma focused therapeutic service The provision of an additional 12 sexual trauma therapeutic sessions , beyond the funded maximum NICE Guidelines, to deliver better and more sustainable outcomes for referred adult victims of non-recent CSA, both females and males. Test Valley, Winchester £8,500
Stop Domestic Abuse Adolescent to Parent Violence (APV) Project Small group work for parents and young people wo are using abusive or unhealthy behaviors, plus one-to-one support to address child to parent violence. Basingstoke and Deane, East Hampshire, Eastleigh, Fareham, Gosport, Hart, Havant, New Forest, Rushmoor, Test Valley, Winchester £28,900
The Kings Arms (Petersfield) Aspire To run workshops with young people who are on the edge of exclusion from school. East Hampshire £7,700
Brake Brake’s National Road Victim Service (NRVS) in Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton Provision of support and advocacy for victims bereaved or seriously injured through a road crash via a national helpline and underpinned by support literature, including the liaison, support and development of police Family Liaison Officers around road crash cases. Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, Southampton £6,253
Eastleigh Borough Council Friday Night Boxing Friday Night Boxing is a youth engagement project for 14-18 years olds offering weekly community sessions at Energy Youth Centre in Eastleigh. Eastleigh £7,791
Isle of Wight (IOW) Youth Offending Team ( YOT) Youth Crime Prevention (YCP) Provision of YCP work within the Isle of Wight IOW YOT, working with children and young people (age 10-17) at risk of offending and entering the Criminal Justice System, or are exiting it and require longer term preventative support. Isle of Wight £23,600
Hampshire Youth Offending Team Youth Crime Prevention Service The provision of YCP work within Hampshire YOT is focused on working with children and young people (age 10-17) at risk of offending and entering the Criminal Justice System. Hampshire £214,000
Southampton YOS Southampton YOS: Priority Young Person Strategy The Southampton Priority Young Person strategy has been running since 2013, contributing to a robust multi-agency approach to tackling re-offending by children who offend. The focus of the strategy is one which targets high risk children. Southampton £18,567
Southampton YOS YOS Accredited Arts Programmes Continuing the Mayflower 400 Theme, the YOS will continue to collaborate with Artswork to enable young people to gain Artsmark accreditation, enable the YOS to gain accreditation and Work with vulnerable children not yet open to the YJ System Southampton £9,283
Southampton Youth Offending Service Development of a Southampton Diversion Offer The YOS needs to review and enhance its Early Help and Diversionary offer to children and families in lieu of new Youth Justice National Standards published in April 2019 and feedback from HMIP Inspection of September 2019 Southampton £27,850
Portsmouth Youth Offending Team Referral Order and Volunteer Co-Ordinator (ROVC) To continue the existing grant-funded delivery of ROVC in Portsmouth Youth Justice Area- recruitment, training and retention of community volunteers, co-ordination of Referral Order processes, supporting victim involvement and enhancing links to the local community through delivery of reparation. Portsmouth £31,700
Portsmouth Youth Offending Team Portsmouth Reducing Reoffending Project To  reduce reoffending; to complete additional focussed work to understand and reduce reoffending amongst children aged 10-17. Portsmouth £15,000
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