PCC comments on the National Rural Crime Network report on Domestic Abuse

17 July 2019

Today, Michael Lane has been invited to Westminster for the National Rural Crime Network (NRCN) launch of their report looking into domestic abuse in rural areas.

Police and Crime Commissioner Michael Lane said:

“I wholeheartedly welcome this important report which shines a vital light on the specific issues faced by victims of domestic abuse in rural areas.

“Last year, in partnership with the four top tier authorities, I provided £618,000 to services that support victims of domestic abuse and am committed to ensuring that these services can be accessed by those who need them irrespective of where they live.

“All Hampshire Constabulary officers and staff have received Domestic Abuse Matters first responder training, and there are also 450 Domestic Violence champions who are committed to promoting best practice and better understanding of domestic abuse.

“This report raises some important issues and we will be working with the Constabulary going forward to see what more we can do to ensure victims of domestic abuse everywhere in Hampshire get the right help, advice and support.”

Headline findings of the NRCN report:

  • Rural victims half as likely to report their abuse to others, and experienced abuse for 25% longer.
  • Rural isolation is often used as a weapon by abusers. The report cites evidence that abusers move victims to rural settings to further isolate them or systematically use isolation to their advantage if they already live in an isolated place.

Further key findings of the NRCN report can be found online.

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