Reducing crime and promoting public safety cannot be delivered by the police alone. We all have an important role to play.  Effective partnerships prevent duplication, reduce costs, and tackle issues using a joined-up approach.

The Police and Crime Commissioner already has collaborative arrangements in place with, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service,  Thames Valley Police and Hampshire County Council that create efficiency through estates and functions such as IT, personnel and procurement. In addition there are a number of well established networks that the Police and Crime Commissioner is involved in.

Road Safety Partners

The Commissioner wants to make all residents of Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, and Southampton safer, and road safety is a key part of this.  Collisions on roads are a leading cause of death in the UK, but many of these incidents could easily be prevents by safer driving.

Road Safety

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police and Crime Reduction Alliance

The Police and Crime Commissioner chairs the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police and Crime Reduction Alliance which was established to seek the commitment from partners to work closer together, support each other and coordinate the management of resources to promote public safety.

Terms of reference

The Hampshire & Isle of Wight Local Criminal Justice Board

The Hampshire & Isle of Wight Local Criminal Justice Board’s vision is to deliver in partnership, a fair, effective and efficient Criminal Justice System, focusing on the service given to victims and witnesses of crime, prevention and rehabilitation of offenders in order to make Hampshire and the Isle of Wight a place where people will feel safe to live, work and visit.

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Youth Options

What do they do?
Since its inception in 1937 Youth Options has demonstrated significant success in supporting, developing and engaging children and young people.

They believe passionately that every young person has the potential to realise their abilities and aspirations and to make a valuable contribution to their communities. They also recognise that young people need varying degrees of support to reach their full potential, and it is in this regard that they can demonstrate success.

Statistics since April 2015

  • Supported 2056 young people
  • Delivered 1120 sessions – including 21 residential
  • 243 young people have gained an accreditation
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The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Hate Crime Action Group

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Hate Crime Action Group is a multi-sector tactical group that exists to challenge prejudice so that all individuals can go about their daily lives safely and with confidence and enhance individual’s feelings of safety.  The Group has two main aims: to raise awareness among its member organisations and better understand the nature of hate incidents occurring across Hampshire and the IOW, ensuring an appropriate response to individuals and the wider community, and, through use of best practice initiatives, engagement and involvement, to educate and increase confidence of communities to understand hate crime, how to report it and the support they will receive.

Image courtesy of Daily Echo Awaaz Community Radio

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Modern Slavery Partnership

The Modern Slavery Partnership was created in response to the Modern Slavery Act and government modern slavery guidance. Chaired by a member of the Police and Crime Commissioner's team the partnership is working to develop the best interagency response to modern slavery so victims are properly supported and the partnership can continue to prevent offending and prosecute offenders.

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Hampshire and Isle of Wight Community Safety Alliance

Police and Crime Commissioner has joined forces with community safety partners to form the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Community Safety Alliance. The alliance enables the Commissioner to build and maintain a strong working relationship with the Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs).

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Basingstoke, Isle of Wight & Gosport Street Pastors

What is a street pastor?

Street pastors are trained volunteers from local churches who care about their community.

They patrol in teams of men and women, usually from 10 pm. to 4 am. on a Friday and Saturday night, to care for, listen to and help people who are out on the streets of our local communities.

Street Pastors was pioneered in London in 2003 by Les Isaac who on the first night, took 18 volunteers to the streets of Brixton – 15 women and 3 men.

Since then they have trained over 12,000 street and prayer pastors, who have played an active part in strengthening community life and working for safer streets. Currently, more than 300 towns and cities around the UK have a Street Pastors team.

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Aurora New Dawn

Aurora New Dawn is a registered charity that offers safety, support, advocacy and empowerment to survivors of domestic abuse, stalking and sexual violence. We work closely with our clients to increase their safety, reduce the risk of harm and support them in moving forward, including providing court support and a dedicated Advocate to the specialist Domestic Abuse court in Portsmouth.

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Portsmouth Abuse and Rape Counselling Service (PARCS)

PARCS provides free specialist support, counselling and psychotherapy to survivors (aged 5+ and resident in Portsmouth and South East Hampshire) of sexual abuse/exploitation no matter how long ago the abuse happened. PARCS also provides counselling to survivors of domestic abuse (aged 18+). The PARCS prevention service delivers an awareness programme aimed at reducing the incidence and impact of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.

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Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Club

The Awards are an introduction to the sport of amateur boxing as a game of skill, discipline, respect and self control. It teaches the importance of a healthy lifestyle and has been designed as a fun recreational programme for all participants at all levels, ages and abilities.

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CIS'ters - surviving rape & sexual abuse

We provide emotional support for females aged 18+ who (as children/teens) were raped/sexually abused/exploited by a member of their immediate and/or extended family. We offer female survivors the opportunity to explore painful issues and their associated anxieties in a confidential environment.

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Newport Youth Cafe

Open to young people aged 13-19 years old. We have computers and free WiFi plus a fantastic menu of affordable food and drinks.

There is space to chill and meet people with a friendly youth worker to hear to listen and support you.

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As a charity specialising in dispute resolution, we have a proven track record over many years in managing and delivering mediation focussed services. We are committed to deliver practical results to everyday situations.

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Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service Prince's Trust

Are you 16-25? in 12 weeks! Our 12-week personal development programme, delivered in partnership with Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, will help you to meet new people, gain practical skills and experience and secure qualifications.

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The Source

Our mission is to help young people to ‘Be, Belong and Become’, and have the skills to move into adulthood and fulfil their potential.

We are passionate about young people and reducing the inequalities and barriers they face. Working in Rushmoor, Hart and surrounding areas we support young people aged up to 25 years.

We focus on those who are struggling at school, in trouble with the law, struggling with family relationships, living on their own, homeless, isolated or vulnerable.

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Wheatsheaf Trust

Wheatsheaf Trust works with people to help them improve their lives. We believe that everyone has something to contribute to society, everybody can be helped to reach their potential, and we are all entitled to a second chance in life.

Employment, and the development of skills, provide the best route out of poverty. We are proud of our 15-year record of helping people, enlarging their options and helping individuals and families discover what they are truly capable of.

Whether they are out of work or in low paid jobs, we are committed to helping improve the prospects of everyone who comes through our doors.

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Trinity Winchester

We are a Winchester-based charity which addresses the effects of homelessness and vulnerability through specialist practical and emotional support, and proactive prevention, empowering positive change. We help people who are vulnerable to the effects of homelessness, addiction, physical and mental ill health, poverty, social isolation and domestic abuse. We offer solutions, hope, choice and control.

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Yellow Door

Yellow Door is a registered charity working to support individuals and communities across South West Hampshire, covering Southampton, Eastleigh, Test Valley (South) the New Forest and the Isle of Wight.

We offer a range of services dedicated to supporting those who have experienced abuse, as well as delivering award winning preventative workshops and outreach across the region.

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Active Communities Network

Active Communities Network is an international youth and community development charity operating across the UK, Ireland and South Africa as well as supporting like-minded charities and NGO’s across the globe. We utilise sport as our primary method to develop pathways for young people to succeed and transition into adulthood. Our grass roots projects are targeted in the heart of communities blighted by socio economic deprivation. We build young people’s skills, improve confidence & self-esteem, broaden their horizons and raise ambitions to ensure they can succeed into employment, education and training.

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Isle of Wight age UK

We are a local, independent charity which, since 1973, has integrated into Island life. Our mission is to enable local older people to improve their quality of life, whatever their situation.

We deliver over 20 person-centred services offering practical and/or emotional support with a focus on 3 broad themes to improve quality of life and maintain independence; increasing income, reducing loneliness/isolation and keeping well.

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We are an independent voluntary organisation and receive referrals from individuals or through local community organisations. Our service is free, professional and independent.

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Citizens Advice Hampshire

Citizens Advice Hampshire is a charity created in February 2008 to support the independent Citizens Advice Charities in Hampshire, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight.

Set up to identify and develop options for improving services across the county, we can take on large projects that aren’t feasible for a single bureau.

What we do

We support Hampshire’s individual Citizens Advice Charities by facilitating knowledge and skills sharing and by providing training.
We enable collaboration between the Charities and other charities and organisations.
We provide a single point of contact for funders, partners and policy makers.
We partner with other organisations and charities on special projects.
We campaign for better services in Hampshire.
We influence policy makers.

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Crimestoppers Hampshire

We believe that everyone has a responsibility to help keep their communities safe and free from crime.  But not everyone feels confident to speak out.  That’s why our committee works hard to promote the charity’s anonymous information giving services at every opportunity.

We want everyone to know that they can give information on crime and criminals at the same time as protecting their identity.

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Gosport Community Safety Partnerships

Gosport Community Safety Partnership was established in 1998 after the Government became increasingly aware that traditional policing methods alone were not achieving sufficient impact on levels of Crime and Disorder.  The six statutory partners are: Gosport Borough Council, Hampshire County Council, Hampshire Constabulary,Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, Hampshire Community Rehabilitation Company and Clinical Commissioning Group alongside other key partners such as Housing Providers, Voluntary Organisations and Youth Support Services.

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Hampshire Search and Rescue Dogs

Hampshire Search and Rescue Dogs is a voluntary organisation that provides nationally qualified search dog teams to support the emergency services when looking for vulnerable missing people.
Like so many volunteer organisations we receive no government funding so we rely entirely on donations and sponsorship to keep the team operational.

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Victim Support

Victim Support are commissioned by the Police and Crime Commissioner to provide the Victim Care Service