New funding opportunity launches

23 May 2018

Police and Crime Commissioner, Michael Lane, is offering community organisations across Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton the opportunity to bid for up to £15,000 for projects and services that reduce offending and support victims.

This second grants round has been introduced to enable greater flexibility for those organisations seeking financial assistance to help keep communities safer.

Michael Lane said: “To keep our communities safer we must look beyond policing. It is key that we seek to understand and tackle the contributing factors as to why individuals choose, or feel the need, to perpetrate crime or anti-social behaviour. It is therefore important that there are early intervention and prevention projects available. I will prioritise those that work with those at most risk of committing anti-social behaviour or crime and those who are vulnerable to exploitation.

“Through partnerships with community organisations we can make a real difference, maximise positive outcomes and reinforce confidence for the majority of law abiding communities. Earlier this year I awarded £1,365,744 to 64 community projects that support victims or reduce offending. This second funding round will enable those organisations with projects that fell outside the original grants timetable to apply for financial assistance to support the delivery of outcomes that help keep people safer.”

Information about the funding process, including guidelines on how to apply are available from Applications are open until 2pm on 8 June 2018. The maximum amount of funding that can be applied for per application is £15,000

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