Comment on National Audit Office report on the financial sustainability of police forces

11 September 2018

“I welcome the National Audit Office’s detailed report on the sustainability of police funding. It raises important issues around the resourcing of policing amidst the changing nature of demand that puts additional pressure on constabularies.

Michael Lane, Police and Crime Commissioner, continued:  “I have always said that the national funding formula for policing was out of date and disadvantages the area I represent. Until this is addressed, it will remain a continuing challenge to maintain operational effectiveness within the limited budget we have available.

National Audit Office report

“Since my election as Police and Crime Commissioner, I have lobbied hard on behalf of the people I represent for fairer and sufficient funding for policing in our area. I recognise that there are other pressures on Government, but I do believe that addressing the national funding formula is essential for long-term sustainability and it cannot come soon enough for my area.

“I have the privilege to have a national voice on the Police Reform and Transformation Board, which I sit on, and I plan to continue to use my voice to fight for appropriate transformation and change to ensure policing is operationally effective, modern and fit for the future.

“Hampshire Constabulary continues to deliver well within the constraints of its budget achieving HMICFRS assessments of GOOD.”

Hampshire Constabulary’s assessment by HMICFRS

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