Michael Lane comments on latest crime figures

19 October 2017

Michael Lane, Police and Crime Commissioner, has commented on the latest crime figures released by the ONS.

“I am pleased to receive the updated statistics and will look in detail at them against our own local evidence.

“I want to start by reassuring everyone that we are fortunate to very largely live in a safe area. But each vulnerability realised, each crime experienced means I will never be complacent about this.

“That the statistics show some rises in crime are real: better recording and confidence to report are good things, but the rise in violent crime is an issue for communities and all partners in keeping us safer.

“Knife crime is a point in case and I am glad that amnesties and focused policing effort has had an impact. The Home Office has launched a consultation on dangerous and offensive weapons that I will be responding to.

“Topically, Hate Crime and Modern Slavery have had some focus. These crimes prey on the vulnerable and do harm. They should be unacceptable to all our communities.  I am glad that from my commissioning grants I have been able to add some value in this area.

“Theft remains a concern to the public. This is particularly so when there is no threat of harm and it becomes lower in priority despite each occasion being key to those involved.  Here it is about priorities to keep us safer – and resources do not stretch always to this area.  I have made the case for a fairer national funding formula, which would help.  But the economic pressures remain very challenging.

“And there are new and growing threats from cyber and fraud.  These areas are a focus for my Constabulary and for me with other partners.  There are real risks here if we do not give a priority to addressing perpetrators and in parallel growing expertise in defeating those who wish us harm. I am with partners a strong voice in this effort.”