Michael Lane acknowledges the busy Summer Season for Policing and all that keeps us Safer

17 July 2017

Michael Lane said: “Recent events, whether terror attacks, significant criminal activity designed to inflict harm or the tragedy of fire, all make the headlines – as do some of the commentaries on how more must be done to protect us.
“Less often in the news in a joined up way is the busyness behind the scenes of those with the responsibility – every day – to work on these issues.

“Today the All Party Parliamentary Group on Policing and Security meets in the House debating Local Policing and drawing together expert views to inform political debates about this foundation stone for policing in our country, that of the first contact, first reassurance and specific local understanding that comes from local policing.

“Down the passage in the House of Commons from this event, is one no less important on a particular community and the impact of Rural Crime. Across my Constabulary area this is one of a number of priorities that needs expert engagement with the Rural Communities and leaders within it, such as the National Farmers Union whose report will be launched today.

“Over the last few months, I have been busy engaging with the Rural Communities and hearing their voices on what concerns them and where there is excellent relationships with the emergency services that they value and that need to be sustained.

“It was very good news to see Hampshire Constabulary’s lead acknowledged for her expertise in the Queen’s Birthday Honours – and this was warmly welcomed by the Rural Communities she served with her team and the wider policing support across the Constabulary.

“Tomorrow all the Police and Crime Commissioners will be meeting with their Chief Constable colleagues in a Joint Meeting that will consider topics relevant to keeping us all safer through delivery of modern, operationally effective policing that is fit to defeat criminals and those who wish us harm. This understandably will debate what resourcing will deliver this and the necessary updating of skills and technologies to sustain this into the future.

“And on Thursday, following on from the discussions of the joint meeting, Police & Crime Commissioners will hold our own Annual General meeting reflecting on the year ahead. Challenging times – undoubtedly. But my focus will be on setting a collaborative agenda that will add value to my local plan and together keep us all SAFER.”