Have your say on how offenders of low level crimes or ASB are dealt with

30 October 2018

Community Remedy is an important opportunity to effectively and quickly bring a resolution for the victim of undisputed less harmful offences that would otherwise continue to cause tension.  It returns police officers faster to frontline duties keeping us all safer.

Police and Crime Commissioner, Michael Lane is consulting on what options should be available as part of the Community Remedy in Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton.

Community Remedy applies when the police decide to deal with a low level offence outside of the courts (Out-of-Court disposals) where an offence has been admitted. It aims to provide victims with a say in the way offenders are dealt with when they commit low level and minor crimes or anti-social behaviour.

The Community Remedy document lists a variety of actions that an offender can be asked to undertake, to either make amends for their offence or help address the cause of their offending behaviour. The Commissioner is consulting on what options should be available as part of the Community Remedy in the Hampshire Constabulary policing area.

Michael Lane said:

“Out-of-Court disposals are not a soft option, they can help repair the damage caused by an offence and help prevent future offending by tackling the root causes.

“Use of the Community Remedy can help empower victims by giving them a say on which action the person who has caused them harm should take, whether this is providing an apology, community work, financial compensation, or taking a course to address their offending behaviour.

“Consulting on the Community Remedy is an important step in ensuring that that the public has confidence that these disposals are being used appropriately and proportionately; that they are effective; that there is consistency in their use and that the system is understood and is operationally transparent.”

Further information and the Community Remedy Survey can be found at www.hampshire-pcc.gov.uk/community-remedy


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