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Our Members

Casey Taylor
Role Mentor, Member, OPCC Volunteer A little about me:

I am an ex-offender having been in trouble many times with the Police. Joining the Youth Commission is one of the best things I have ever done. I now help run the Youth Commission

Favourite thing about YC:

Has changed my perception of the Police completely

Marcia Tanyanyiwa
Role Member, Mentor, OPCC Staff member A little about me:

Crime documentaries are my guilty pleasure. I went to UoP. It's not Christmas until I watch how the Grinch stole Christmas. I joined because it was different, a good different!

Favourite thing about YC:

The friendships I have made, shadowing the PCC, attending rock challenge, attending award ceremonies, becoming a confident person.

Gaby Day Gaby Day
Role Member, Mentor A little about me:

When I started the YC I was a single mum at uni, then went onto moving to the refuge and now I'm more busy but work full time through an apprenticeship

Favourite thing about YC:

The range of experiences, training and opportunities but also love meeting new people and developing your own personal skills

Anna Bodman Anna Bodman
Role Member A little about me:

I study full time at Oxford University but love to keep making change to my home in Eastleigh, through the Youth Commission, especially when I can improve the lives of fellow chronically ill young people and members of the LGBTQ+ community such as myself.

Favourite thing about YC:

The people, being able to meet politicians and the (free) pizza.

A case study of a member of the Youth Commission Jordan Fewings
Role Member, Mentor, Mentor Support A little about me:

I am 23 years old and from Leigh Park. I have been in the Youth Commission for 4 years even whilst suffering with serious epilepsy.

Favourite thing about YC:

Going to run the stalls and meet the public (yes even wearing a wolf mask!)

A case study of a Youth Commission member Dalian Lacey
Role Member, Mentor, Police Officer A little about me:

From a young age, I always wanted to become a PC. I was always a fan of Police documentaries and I loved helping people.

During my teenage years, the dream almost ended when I became partially sighted following injury. This really knocked my confidence and left me devastated.

However, I was determined not to let this stop me. Around a similar time, the Youth Commission launched and it changed my life. Giving me the confidence to embrace myself and socialise with so many people, most of which I am still friends with today!

One day the eyesight requirements changed and after a few failed attempts, I joined Hampshire Constabulary in 2016 as a PCSO.

Not long after, I was diagnosed with having Asperger's Syndrome, a condition on the Autism spectrum. This made me question my own identity and myself. "Have I been living a lie this whole time?"

Rather than dwell on something I cannot change I channelled this into my work and am now an Ambassador for Autism within the police service. Often this involves working alongside key Mental Health agencies and helping people who need that extra boost of support.

In 2020, the childhood dream was completed and I underwent a Degree Apprenticeship in Policing at Southwick Park HQ.

Favourite thing about YC:

Witnessing fantastic ideas raised and then coming to work to see them implemented. Also, Pizza.

Role Member A little about me:

I'm 19 and in my 2nd year at uni studying Childhood and Youth Studies. Also, I am a victim and would like to support other young people, as I might understand what they are going through.

Favourite thing about YC:

Being able to use many skills, like creative and imaginative, presenting ideas, as well as meeting new people. Doing a variety of different training, becoming more independent travelling to events and getting further knowledge about other areas as well that I can put on my CV.

Elizabeth Bridges Elizabeth Bridges
Role Member, Mentor, Social Media lead A little about me:

I'm a mentor in the hate crime team and part of the equality, diversity and inclusion group.

Favourite thing about YC:

The wide variety of opportunities we get to work with organisations that extend beyond policing - and pizza ofc!

Member Olivia Olivia Hanna
Role Member; coding Big Conversation survey responses A little about me:

I am a postgraduate student of Criminal Psychology and aspire towards a future career in the probation service. I love to make a difference to the lives and opportunities of young people in the community, especially enabling victims of crime to have their voices heard.

Favourite thing about YC:

The variety of training and opportunities, and learning so much more about the police and criminal justice system.

Photo of youth commission member Sarah Sarah Arnold
Role Member and mentor for the Hate Crime priority. I am part of the coding, social media and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion teams. I write quarterly summaries of Big Conversation responses. A little about me:

I am an undergraduate law student at Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford. I am passionate about improving the experiences of young people (particularly from ethnic minority backgrounds like myself) in my local area. I enjoy swimming and taking photos in my free time.

Favourite thing about YC:

Having the chance to speak to professionals with an amazing group of people!

Ewan Ebbs
Role Member of Hate Crime team A little about me:

I live in the Basingstoke area and I am in the last year of secondary school. Outside of school and the youth commission I am interested in mechanics and agriculture.

Favourite thing about YC:

My favourite thing about being in the youth commission is knowing that with every social media post, or event, we are potentially changing someone's life and behaviour in a positive way.

photo of member Ben Ben Frankland
Role Exploitation team member, previously Unhealthy Relationships and Hate Crime A little about me:

I’m 18, from near Winchester and care a lot about activism and a fairer society for all, particularly young people, and so the YC is perfect as it’s a fun way to ensure that others are protected, happy and safe. I also like to travel, run, drive, play football and watch F1.

Favourite thing about YC:

The opportunities to build my confidence by delivering presentations to people young and old have helped me so much, and all the lovely people I work with too!

photo of member Angel Angel Newman
Role Member of exploitation team A little about me:

I recently graduated university and the work that the Youth Commission do is really important to me.

Favourite thing about YC:

I love being involved in ensuring young people’s voices are heard and listened to and the opportunities we get!

Photo of youth commission member Bill Bill Gunayon
Role Exploitation team member A little about me:

I believe servant leadership is key to unlocking a better society, by caring for one another and resolving conflicts with each other.

Favourite thing about YC:

The YC facilitates a societal platform for young people with an amazing team, networks and resources to transform and unite communities in Hampshire and Isle of Wight for safer livelihoods.

Photo of youth commission member Laura Laura Hayward
Role Member A little about me:

I am a University of Portsmouth student studying criminology and criminal justice. I enjoy playing netball and love eating Nutella straight from the jar.

Favourite thing about YC:

The training opportunities and sessions with Unloc and the CPS. Also getting to work as part of a team to tackle issues in todays society.

The Youth Commission’s main aim is to represent all young people throughout Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Therefore, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of everything that we do, as we want to reflect the diversity of the area that we serve and represent. We are an inclusive group, so we want every member, as well as everyone that we work with, to feel free to be themselves no matter their identity or background.

To meet more of us, follow us on Instagram @HantsYC to see Takeovers and other get to know us features!