Don’t hate, educate!

As part of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Youth Commission we wish to tackle the issue of hate crime.

What we aim to achieve

We hope to increase awareness of what a hate crime is, increase reporting rates and improve services ultimately to reduce instances.

We have:

  • Reviewed the True Vision website and app
  • Attended Hampshire and Isle of Wight Pride events and spoken to attendees about their experiences
  • Undertaken a survey with 1,000 young people
  • Created and delivered a workshop for young people in Portsmouth
  • Supported the OPCC with their hate crime jigsaw


Recommendations Conference

Find out what the Youth Commission members recommended at the 2018 Recommendations Conference.


Partner Resource area

If you would like to work with the Youth Commission on their hate crime campaign, we provide can access to resources.  If you need access to the resources, please enter your details in the Contact Form, select Youth Commission from the drop-down list, and specify that you are requesting access to the Hate Crime resources.

Neighbourhood Crime Maps

Find out what’s happening in your neighbourhood, meet your local policing team and how to contact them. Explore the crime map to see what has happened and the policing outcomes for each crime.

Neighbourhood Watch

Find a Watch scheme in your community, and apply to join or send a message to the scheme coordinator. Neighbourhood Watch provides a way for local people to play an important part in making their communities safer.