As your Police and Crime Commissioner it is my mission to make you, your family, and your community safer.

One of my ten pledges is to stand up and speak out for all communities, listening to, responding to, and acting upon your views, carrying out meaningful consultation with the public to inform our business.

Since my election, and campaigning beforehand, I have listened to thousands of people from the community, in business, specialist partners and the Chief Constable’s team, who deliver the operational policing. This was an important first step before updating the Police and Crime Plan.

I am now consulting regularly, and you can find my open surveys and consultations here.

Budget Consultation

The council tax you pay for policing and services to support victims and reduce offending equates to a percentage of the total, which varies depending on where you live.

The portion of council tax that residents of Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton pay towards services that keep them safer is one of the lowest in the country and accounts for one third of the total funding available for these services locally; the other two-thirds is made up of a national grant from Government.

The Commissioner is currently consulting on how much you are willing to pay towards services that keep you safer: take the survey.

Cyber Profile
Technology is constantly evolving, providing great opportunities and exciting new ways of adding to our daily lives. Unfortunately not all technology and cyber activity is used in a positive way. The PCC’s office and Hampshire Constabulary are looking to gain a better understanding of technology and cyber usage across our communities. This will help us better understand what is happening online and how we can best offer support when technology and cyber activity takes a turn for the worse.

This survey is aimed at young people aged 14 to 17 years. We want to know how technology and being online impacts you in your every day life. To keep up with cyber trends, we want to know how young people today adapt and use devices, to understand young people experiences with technology, and identify how we can best support young people.

The purpose of Community Remedy is to provide victims with a say in the way offenders are dealt with when they commit low level and minor crimes or anti-social behaviour (ASB). The Community Remedy document lists a variety of actions that an offender can be asked to undertake, to either make amends for their offence or help address the cause of their offending behaviour. The Commissioner is consulting on what options should be available as part of the Community Remedy


External Consultations

Hate Crime

Liverpool University is conducting an independent survey to look at why victims of hate crime do not access support services.


Consultation Results and Reports

Information from previous surveys and consultations are collected here.

Neighbourhood Crime Maps

Find out what’s happening in your neighbourhood, meet your local policing team and how to contact them. Explore the crime map to see what has happened and the policing outcomes for each crime.

Neighbourhood Watch

Find a Watch scheme in your community, and apply to join or send a message to the scheme coordinator. Neighbourhood Watch provides a way for local people to play an important part in making their communities safer.