Unhealthy Relationships – Raise a Flag

We all have relationships – with parents, families, schoolmates, friends, work colleagues.  These relationships should help us, support us, make us feel loved, safe and happy.

If a relationship often leaves you feeling uncomfortable, sad or afraid then it is likely an unhealthy relationship.

In an unhealthy relationship there is often one person who seeks to control the other. Controlling behaviour can take the form of physical, verbal or emotional harm.


Some red flags that your relationship could be unhealthy are if the other person…


Fixers film – with Active Communities Network

It is very difficult to recognise and accept that perhaps a friend, lover, co-worker or family member isn’t treating you as well or respectfully as they should. Below are some links to further information and advice to help you decide if your relationships are healthy and if they aren’t what steps you can take and where to get the support you might need.If you are concerned that you or someone you care about is in an unhealthy relationship – Raise a flag – tell someone, seek help

1) Advice for you/friends/family

Disrespect nobody

Love is respect

Southern Domestic Abuse Service 


Women’s Aid

Yellow Door 


National LGBT Domestic abuse helpline

Sexual consent

Aurora New Dawn 




You Trust

Men’s Advice line

If you think you may be the one causing your relationship to be unhealthy

Building Better Relationships programme

Hampton Trust

Respect phoneline

If you are really concerned and want to report someone for their behaviour in a relationship but wish to remain anonymous – contact Fearless