Deadline for COMPASS questions

19 September 2019

Police and Crime Commissioner, Michael Lane, will be challenging the Chief Constable on police priorities, and the questions and concerns of the public.

The next COMPASS (Commissioner’s Performance, Accountability, Scrutiny and Strategy meeting) on 24 September 2019 will be filmed and available to access via the Commissioner’s digital platforms including this website. The film will show the question and answer session and will offer signposting to further information on the topics covered.

July’s COMPASS meeting, covering 101 call times and ASB, is available here

It is the Commissioner’s statutory role to hold the Chief Constable to account on the performance of the police force on behalf of the public, and the COMPASS meetings provide an opportunity to do this on a regular basis.

The Commissioner is inviting residents to submit their own questions for him to put to the Chief Constable on their behalf.  If you have any areas of concern that you would like the Commissioner to raise for you, please get in touch with the office by Thursday 19 September 2019.

Michael Lane said: “As I represent you, and act as your champion, please let me know your concerns and I will put your questions to the Chief Constable so that she can provide reassurance that police resources are being used as effectively and efficiently as possible, recognising any issues that are on your minds.

He continued: “These COMPASS meetings are how I hold the Chief Constable publicly to account, and a full video recording will be available to watch soon after the meeting in September, via my website and social media channels.”

Anyone wishing to submit a question is asked to submit them to the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner by the end of Thursday 19 September, by contacting 01962 871595 and speaking to Kim or Barbara; or by sending an email using the button below.

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