Council taxpayers: Don’t miss out on having your say

03 January 2019

The Police and Crime Commissioner’s survey seeking views on how much residents of Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton are willing to contribute towards the cost of policing locally is due to close on 12 January.

The Commissioner is urging council tax payers who have not yet had their say to ensure they take part.

 “It is more important than ever that I hear from council tax payers the level of contribution they would be willing to make through my precept survey.

“The Government has given Police and Crime Commissioner’s the flexibility to increase the policing element of the council tax by up to £24 per Band D household per year. This recognises the challenges faced by today’s policing of increasing demands, greater complexity and changes in criminal activity. However I am conscious that it also shifts more of the burden of paying for the increasing costs of policing to the local council tax payer.

“All of the money that comes from any rise in local council tax will go to support local policing, and an increase of £24 per year would ensure there will be no reduction in policing in the Hampshire Constabulary area.

“It is well known that policing budgets are under pressure and I believe that meeting the needs of our communities requires a financial uplift to recognise both increased demand and changes in crime.  I continue to believe that a nationally fairer funding formula is the most appropriate way for the long term future of policing funding. I know that there are pressures on government, but I will continue to fight for this.”

Take the survey 

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