5 December 2018: Looking ahead to the Government’s financial settlement for policing

03 December 2018

This is an important week for keeping us all SAFER, since we have been promised by Government to receive details of the financial settlement and options for setting the policing element of the council tax.

Today violent crime is up and this, together with increased demands including new risks of exploitation from cyber-crime, has reduced our safety as services are overloaded.

My Police and Crime Plan prioritises ‘Enabling effective and efficient operational policing, which meets the needs of the people our Constabulary serves and I represent’. It is well known that policing budgets are under pressure and I believe that meeting the needs of our communities will require a financial uplift to recognise both increased demand and changes in crime.

Having lobbied and presented evidence of the need and current stretch, I believe Government has the information needed to respond.  And so I look forward to hearing this week of their decisions and the options I will be given as Police and Crime Commissioner to play my part, alongside Government, to ensure people in my area are protected from threats and risks of harm.