17 June 2019: Use of Community Resolution by Hampshire Constabulary

17 June 2019

Police and Crime Commissioner Michael Lane responded to Hampshire Constabulary’s use of Community Resolution:

“My first priority will be the victim in the context of justice being fairly and appropriately discharged. Effective justice should reflect the nature of the crime and level of harm caused, and it is my belief that in seeking to maximise the positive impact for our communities – we should do ‘what works’ for the victim. Community Resolutions are one key part of the whole Criminal Justice System that gives the victim a voice and help reduce reoffending, but they must be used appropriately and proportionately.

“It is for the officers involved to use their professional judgement and the assessment tools available to determine if a community resolution is appropriate based on the nature and circumstances of the specific incident, and most importantly the views of the victim.

“It is vital that there are checks and balances in place and it is the role of the scrutiny panel for out of court disposals to review sample cases to ensure that the right decisions around community resolutions are being made. Should the panel raise concerns these must be acted upon by the Constabulary.”