Commissioner urges people to stay safe this bank holiday and through the summer

28 May 2018

Police and Crime Commissioner Michael Lane comments on the tragic deaths at Mutiny Festival this weekend.

“First of all my thoughts are with the families of the two young people who lost their lives this weekend during what should have been a joyful event. Collectively we must do everything we can to ensure people are SAFER.

“There will be many opportunities to have fun this summer. My message to young people is: Enjoy but take a moment to consider how to stay safe. Take personal responsibility; be with friends you trust; don’t allow peer group pressure to make you take risks; and if you feel unwell or unsafe report it quickly to a professional who can get you help or reassure you. Report anything that gives you concern.

“Remember there is no safe level of illicit drug use. Even just dabbling in illegal drugs or psychoactive substances can be catastrophic or potentially fatal. The best advice is don’t do it. But if you find yourself ill, seek help – the priority of all the support and emergency services will be to make you well – don’t delay.

“What happened at the festival this weekend is subject of an ongoing investigation by Hampshire Constabulary, and I will be watching the outcomes closely.”

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