Commissioner and Winchester Prison join up to host Restorative Justice and Reintegration event

21 November 2018

Over 100 prisoners attended the Restorative Justice and Reintegration event held at HMP/ YOI Winchester that provided the opportunity to find out about Restorative Justice and other services available that can support offenders prior to and on release.

Police and Crime Commissioner Michael Lane said: “While Restorative Justice is a victim focused approach, which helps those who have experienced harm to find answers and take further steps on their journey to recovery, it is also demonstrating that it has the potential to reduce re-offending when combined with the right interventions.

“The Restorative Justice and Reintegration event brought together my Restorative Justice provider and a number of organisations who work with offenders to prepare them for leaving prison and who support them after release. The support and advice provided by these services is vital in helping people leaving prison to make the right choices in the future, realise their potential and avoid falling back onto their previous path and reoffending.”

Throughout the day of the 20 November prisoners at HMP YOI Winchester were able to ask questions about Restorative Justice and services the Commissioner contracts or provides funding to:

  • Restorative Solutions
  • Citizens Advice Bureau Winchester
  • The Society of St James
  • The Footprints project
  • Saints Foundation
  • Portsmouth Mediation Service
  • Mediation First

Other partner organisations supporting offenders were also present:

  • Care After Combat
  • Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • Inclusion
  • Phoenix Futures
  • CATCH 22
  • Community Rehabilitation Company

There was also a session for staff that work in the prison to better equip them to support the prisoners in accessing the support the available to them. The Restorative Justice provider has also produced bespoke literature for staff who work within the prison who may be victims while on duty, making them aware that they can also access the service.

Gary Wright, Head of Reducing Reoffending, HMP YOI Winchester, said: “The event was very thought provoking for a number of prisoners on the road to recovery and desistence from a life of crime. The partner organisations came together with a common goal which was to support offenders upon release, reduce reoffending and in turn prevent further victims of crime. The staff at HMP/YOI Winchester take an active part in supporting the OPCC’s Restorative Justice Strategy and will continue support and facilitate future events like this.”

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