Michael comments on suspected terrorist incident in Manchester

23 May 2017

Michael Lane, Police and Crime Commissioner said:

“My thoughts and prayers are with, and for, all the people of Manchester and all the attendees and families of those involved in the terror of last evening.

“There can be no excuse or sense behind this vile criminal action.

“I would like to echo the early words of the Prime Minister and Home Secretary – that the public should stay vigilant, being alert but not alarmed.

“And I would like to reinforce the many words of respect for the emergency services and the community response to this tragic event in Manchester.

“As Police and Crime Commissioner, I know from my job that:

“We are blessed to have brave, prepared and professional emergency services visibly responding;

“And also behind the scenes a large number of people working with the common purpose to protect us, to prevent actions such as this and to build vibrant positive communities where the seeds of such evil do not flourish.”

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